Postal Voting

Postal voting is a traditional and relatively inexpensive approach.  It is suitable for organisations especially when the number of members or employees is under 2,500 -3,000 when the price is compared to electronic voting.  It should be taken into consideration that a Postal Ballot requires a minimum of 1 - 14 days Ballot opening period.

Election Consulting Group only utilise a Declaration Postal Voting or a double envelope system.  This system is for reasons of integrity to ensure secrecy is guarantee despite the requirement for a voter to sign their Name, write their Member Number or write their Name on the removable flap of the Declaration Envelope.

Sound formal processes are in place for application for replacement ballot materials, and the level and detail of Returning Officer reporting ensure the more traditional vote method remains popular.

Collective Agreement

  • Eligible database prepared
  • Client Delegate assigned
  • Number of employees
  • Citation or Name of Agreement
  • Union or non-union agreement
  • Preferred voting medium
  • IT Dept. contact details
  • Number of employees on leave
  • When does the perusal period commence
  • Date for Ballot Open
  • Date for Ballot Close

Board of Directors

  • Eligible database prepared
  • Client Delegate assigned
  • Number of members
  • Constitution or Election Rules
  • Preferred voting medium
  • Number of positions vacant
  • Date for Notice of Meeting
  • Date of AGM
  • Nominations Process – in-house our
  • outsource
  • Candidates Statements YES/NO
  • Date Election Open
  • Date Election Close
  • Date Results are required


Each eligible Postal Voting member or employees will receive ballot material in accordance with the approved timeline.  The Client must approve and sign off the artwork prepared for the Ballot Paper and materials.   All Postal Ballot materials will be posted/lodged by the Returning Officer or her/his staff and proof of lodgment is provided by our mailhouse partner or your mailhouse of choice.

The mailhouse will assemble the ballot material for each eligible postal vote, at the relevant time; the ballot material will be mailed to the member or employees home address.

Each employee receives a Ballot Pack which may include the following:

Collective Agreement

  • Outer envelope or Express Post envelope
  • Ballot Paper
  • Information and instructions
  • Reply paid envelope
  • Declaration envelop

Board of Directors

  • Outer envelope or onsert on magazine/statement
  • Ballot Paper
  • Candidate statement
  • Chairpersons letter or explanatory memorandum
  • Reply paid envelope
  • Declaration envelope


Declaration Postal Voters need not have any concerns about the secrecy of their vote, notwithstanding that their name and signature will paper on the Declaration Envelope.  The detachable slip showing their Name and address plus signature details are removed and immediately parceled, prior to the opening of the envelopes and removal of ballot paper for unfolding and counting.

This process is conducted as part of the formal count (scrutiny) and any authorised Company personnel or Observer (for Collective Agreement Ballots) are permitted to be present during the count (or at key stages from lodgment to conclusion of the count).

Election consulting Group will tabulate the Ballot results and provide relevant reporting to the Client.  The actual count of Ballot Paper will be conducted by Election Consulting Group personnel, under formal “scrutiny” conditions i.e. under condition similar to those of the count of ballots in parliamentary or Industrial (Union) Elections.  The Returning Officer will also provide a formal Declaration of Result and detailed report.

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