Internet Voting

Election Consulting Group can assist your organization to migrate form a traditional paper based voting system to include an Internet based voting option.  Voting via the Internet is one of several options available to voters, such as voting online, over the Telephone, by Postal vote or a “hybrid of method”.

The Election Consulting Group utilizes our partner platform and software eLect. Our clients can count on reliable, and purpose built software, to manage confidential data and Ballot or Election with complete integrity and the highest level of encryption.

Internet voting is convenient, quick, easy and an accurate voting process.  It provides almost immediate feedback of results.  All a voter needs is access to the Internet, anywhere in the world, in order to participate in an Election, Collective Agreement Ballot, proxy vote, or survey.

 Each voter is issued with a randomly generated Personal Access Code, which is used to vote once only.

Internet voting can decrease operation costs to the organization by reducing the need for physical voting locations, paper documentation, postage, and by minimizing the requirements for staff resources.

WHAT - Internet voting for:

  • Collective Agreement Ballots
  • Board of Directors Elections
  • Consultative Committee Elections
  • Proxy Voting
  • Surveys
  • Tailored Ballots i.e. Levy Ballots

WHO - Clients who use Internet Voting:

  • Government Departments
  • Companies
  • Clubs and Associations
  • Credit Unions
  • Student Unions

WHY - Use Internet voting:

  • When voters are geographically dispersed
  • Time constraints require fast deployment of voting literature
  • Reduce time and provide rapid feedback of results
  • Postal voting is currently utilized and the organisation wishes to expedite the process
  • Voting is non-compulsory so convenience is critical to maximize participation rates
  • Travel to polling booth is difficult for voters
  • Employees or members have not been convince about the validity of results in the past

WHERE - Internet voting is commonly used in the following situations:

  • When voters are geographically dispersed
  • All employees have access to their own email addresses and computers
  • Ideal for small to large number of voters
  • When the timeline is short and does not allow for postal voting
  • Voters on leave who may vote from home or using an internet café, library.
  • On leave or remote employees can be offered a “limited postal ballot”
  • Great “hybrid” option when used with Post or Internet voting
  • Appeals to Gen X & Y

How to vote using the Internet for a Collective Agreement Ballot or Board of Directors Style Election



Voter is identified by either Employee or AGS number, Member Number, Name or Date of Birth and "unique" Access Code


Ballot instructions a with Personal Access Codes redistributed by mail or email


Voter logs onto SECURE Website by clicking onto a  email hyperlink or typing URL  andprovides authentication details


• Voter views Ballot Paper
• Click on Candidate name to view statement


Voter selects choice


Voter  reviews completed Ballot Paper, makes amendments or corrects errors if necessary and submits FINAL vote


Voter receives acknowlegement from Internet voting system confirming receipt of vote

The Election Consulting Group's Returning Officer generates reports and provides an interim result , then final certification of the count and a full report.


• Receive "Certified" True and Accurate Database.  Data is checked for duplication or other erronours  data
• System Generates Unique Access Code


• System set up in accordance with Election or Collective Agreement Ballot Rules and tested

• Ballot Open time 24/7 usually 3 -5 days


System confirms /authenticates details and provides access to electronic Ballot Paper and Candidate Statement


• System asks  voter to confirm selections(s)  advises voter of any ommissions or errors
• The voter is asked to click on "submit" button


System accepts ballot and  consumes voters Personal Access Code on database, and identifies voter as already voted to prevent further access to the system


System sends voter a confirmation "thank-you for voting"  the ballot has been recieved and accepted


System separates voter and vote into two separate databases resulting in a secure and anonymous ballot

• System automatically closes Ballot or Election at predetermined times
• Returning officer commences tally audit totals and reports

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