Enterprise Agreement Ballots

WHY outsource?
You have done all the hard work of negotiating and employee communication sessions and you have finally have an agreement with your employees or union.  Now, it’s time to go to ballot and you want the results quickly – we understand!  The Election Consulting Group’s Returning Officer and/or Project Manager will work with you on assessing the various methods of voting and the most suitable for your employee’s and managements requirements.

Our clients have similar requirements but are never exactly the same.  Regardless of the method of voting chosen, all Ballots are managed with strict adherence to the relevant Legislation(Fair Work Act 2009 Section 181) and “Best Practice” Election rules; our processes are auditable, transparent secure and able to withstand scrutiny.

Your choice is dependent upon a variety of considerations and include but are not limited to;  budget,  where your employees are located and what technology they have access to,  if the role includes casual employees, how many employees are on leave, balloting during public holidays, internal management time frame to implement agreement.

Post may be considered too slow, but employees or unions are leery of electronic voting and ask “will their vote be safe?  Be anonymous?  Be counted?”. Election Consulting Group can assist by including in your employee communications, information regarding our Company method of voting chosen by your organisation.

HOW - Methods of voting

  • Telephone
  • Internet
  • Post
  • “Hybrid”
  • *SMS - new
  • Prepare your employee database early and have an indication on the number of eligible voters
  • Collate your employees on leave and separately flag in database
  • Identify a key contact in your IT Dept for the ballot

In the context and conduct of Collective/Enterprise Agreements there is no formal provision or authority for scrutineering activities.  Accordingly there may only be invited “authorized observers”.  The permission for attendance of either the Client or Staff Association authorised Observes must be provided by the Client.  Accordingly the client will advise Election Consulting Group if, when and the names of the authorised Observers who will be in attendance.  A set of protocols and briefing for the Observers will be provided by the Returning Officer prior to their attendance.

Consultation - Workshops
Ask us about our mini half day workshops.  They are specifically designed to provide new members of your HR/IR teams with the tools to manage the Collective/Enterprise Agreement Ballot voting timeline.

Election Consulting Group Services;

  • Manage total ballot processes
  • Advice about issues preparing eligible voter roll
  • Design your voting method
  • Provision of Returning Officer
  • Provide technology and hosting of the CAB
  • Email of postal distribution of voting instructions
  • Liaison with mailhouse and printer
  • Provision of Help Desk
  • Reminder to vote emails and participation updates
  • Compile count if “hybrid”
  • Declaration of Result
  • Provide in depth detailed report

Collective/Enterprise Agreement Ballot summary

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