“Independently run Election are one are in demonstrating good governance, for Board of Directors, Board of Trustees and Committees”

We ask you to consider the statement above if you’re intending to outsource your next election.

Whist the term “governance” is rather ambiguous, it is generally used when referring to the structure of relations hips that bring about organizational coherence, authorize policies, plans and decision, and account for probity, responsiveness and cost-effectiveness.

Election Consulting Group provide business process service for the successful planning and conduct of Election, Ballots and surveys, to Companies, Government, not-for profit organisations, Universities  Associations, Credit Unions and Superannuation organisations.

Good Corporate Governance principles are applied together with strict adherence to the Companies business rules and relevant legislation, ensuring an accurate, secure and independent process able to withstand scrutiny.

Organisations have a statutory obligation to comply with Australian corporations law as their respective Constitution or Articles of Association and relevant Legislation the requirement to communicate with member, and seek member participation and gain approval on specific matter, for example AGM or the election of BOD and vote on resolutions.

Some companies have modified their constitution to include electronic ballots, our RO is bound by the rules “road map of the constitution in some cases it may state the company secretary is the RO  and is such cases our RO will be the outsources Deputy RO and project manage the process in consultation with the Company Secretary.

ECG notes there has been strong organic growth in E-Democracy for both organizations and Government department Federal and state electoral commissions become increasingly engaged in trialing electronic voting methods.

Where some constitutions are silent certain areas requirements and experienced and skilful RO will navigate the client though potential legal issues by applying “best practice processes.

We have a set of democratic principles designed to ensure fair and transparent elections and include the following;

  • Clarity with all Election activities having clear accountabilities
  • Clearly identified outcomes
  • Demonstrate clear responsibilities with strategic internal and external accountabilities
  • Accurate reporting of the service cost involve with the election process
  • Remove risk associated with managing an Election internally

Measures of performance are relevant and cohesive and reflect the key performance indicator for individual s and the governing body.

  • Security site, high level encryption and authentication log-ins Identification and eligibility secure logins include DOB, AGS numbers, unique identifier, employee number driver’s license and electoral register number.
  • Independence
    Demonstrate clear roles and responsibilities distance from the process and results, whilst earning and maintaining the trust and respect of your members/employees.
  • Professionalism RO experience
    Election Consulting Group is an independent and neutral organization engaging a team of election management experts and experience Returning Officer, some with more than 30 years experience working with the Australia Electoral commission. We use best proactive principles and proven methodologies to ensure the integrity of our solutions and produce auditable results
  • Accurate with paper either data entered or scanned, added to the computer votes to aggregate their result of the election.
  • Transparency
  • Timeliness
  • Secrecy
    Internet voting allow for the voter experience to be flexible in choosing a variety of locations to vote. When a vote is recorded, no reference to the voter is ever stored. The vote itself is sorted in the database in an encrypted format separate to the PIN that has been consumed and the employee. Member marked off the roll.
  • Accountability and Audit
  • Equity
    Hybrid depending on the rules of the election is usual for the first ballot received either paper or if a vote has been received by the Internet first in first counted.  If the vote over the Internet is received and the unique identifier is consumed dad the RO will not admit the paper ballot into the count.
  • Technology –software bar codes and scanning
  • Authentication of results, Personal Access Codes – email post,
  • Counting -Accuracy
  • Scrutineering and verifications
  • Certification of Results and timeliness
    Declaration voting and checking against the roll takes time edibility to vote would be confirmed at the time of voting and their votes electronically counted.
  • NPP - database
  • Insurance

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