Board of Directors

Election Consulting Group services include Board of Directors style Elections for Membership, Committee Members and Office Bearers.  A common method of voting is by Postal Ballot, however, more organisations are considering including electronic voting as an option for example; to increase participation and engage younger voters, reduce reliance upon paper, reduce manual processes and provide results earlier. We also provided a variety of counting methods; First Past the Post, Preferential, Optional Preferential with different Quota’s and fractional (or none) counting of exhausted votes and weighted voting. 

Regardless of the method of voting chosen, all Elections are managed with strict adherence to business rules; our processes are auditable, transparent,  secure and able to withstand scrutiny.

WHY outsource?
These member activities occur on an infrequent basis and require a whole different set of skills and drain on internal resources.  Organisations are continually seeking methods to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, free internal resources to focus on their core business.  Outsourcing a Ballot or Election is an unparalleled strategy to meet today’s needs in transforming important, non-core business processes and ensuring that maximum value you’re your existing resources.

Election Consulting Group Services include;

1. Election ConsultationConsultation includes provision of advice for your internal/legal Consultants consideration, specifically changing Election Rules and Constitutional clauses to reflect the use of electronic Election.

Our Returning Officer or Project manager can meet on site with internal stakeholders to assist in the preparation of the Election timetable. We will work with your key internal staff to enable them to manage clearly indentified tasks and responsibilities to ensure a smooth process of the Election.  We can facilitate the decision making process regarding the best member/employee communication solution for your “hybrid” Ballot or Election.  

For example, our training pack includes; how to prepare a Notice of Election and Call for Nominations; accept/ record Nominations from members, initiating probity and police checks.  As well as how to manage the timeline and consider the key elements required for all the external providers such as mail-house and technology requirement especially when Ballot Opening dates change.

2. Nominations process

  • Police checks
  • Bankruptcy checks
  • Probity checks
  • 200 – 250 word limit advised
  • Passport sized photo only
  • Photo must be recent within the last 1-2 years
  • Choose either all Black and White or all Colour photos

3. Election Process

  • Returning Officers or Deputy Returning Officers who work with our clients to customise our solution to ensure all your needs are met on time and with accuracy in accordance with the Election Rules and Regulations
  • Project Management
  • Supply and design of Voting Materials
  • Management of Mailhouse services
  • Provision of Postal, Internet or “hybrid” Election
  • IT Services, provision of hosting, voting software
  • Returns processing manual or scanning
  • Merge electronic ballots results with scanned or manually counted Ballot Paper’s
  • Counting votes in accordance with Constitution and Election Rules
  • Declaration of election result
  • Provision of detailed election report.
  • Success of the Election starts with an accurate and up- to-date eligible database
  • Do you have email addresses for all of your members or employees?

Summary of services

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